17 June, 2009

Seven confirmed swine flu cases in T&T

Seven. Confirmed. Swine flu cases.

The Guardian this morning:

“A female police officer assigned to the Chaguanas Police Station has contracted the H1N1 (swine flu) virus. And another officer, displaying virus symptoms, has been sent on leave, pending results. A news release from the Public Relations Department of the Police Service confirmed that a Chaguanas officer has contracted the virus.”

“…officers at the Couva Police Station said they were still awaiting protective masks and hand sanitisers.”

And the Express reports the County Medical Officer ordered the Chaguanas police station closed.

How much does a couple disposable protective masks and a small bottle of hand sanitizer cost? Less than $20! Maybe even less than $15 if you knew where to shop. Are those police officers seriously willingly putting their health (and the health of their loved ones) at risk simply because ‘the government’ is tardy in supplying supplies? So if The Service is slow in supplying toilet paper…?

At least one officer accepted responsibility for her own welfare and survival:

“A female officer said she had bought her own safety equipment.”

When did we become so dependent on government to do every little thing for us?
Should the gov also come wipe our noses when its running? Where does it end? It seems like every day we are becoming more and more like certain sectors of the US inner city demographics—totally dependent on a ‘nanny state’ for all our needs. Where’s the personal responsibility, the collective responsibility, the initiative, the problem-solving skills? How can a police officer who refuses to protect himself, truthfully act on the police service motto, “to protect and serve with pride”?

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