19 June, 2009

500 CCTV cameras in Port of Spain, more preps

500 CCTV cameras in Port of Spain. That’s very reassuring. At least to the company that has the contract to service/maintain them. But what does it mean to the average citizen? The cost of these cameras, and the attendant service contract is not known to the taxpayer, yet we foot the bill. Where is the footage stored? Who has access to these archives? How many arrests and convictions have been made due to the evidence from these cameras?


Got two mini first aid kits, and they’ve been stashed in the Bug Out Bags. They were tokens to members for attending the annual general meeting of a credit union. Only one per member, but someone was complaining about it being a “useless dust-collector”. I cheerfully offered my saucer of hors d’ouvres in exchange for their kit. “Two is one and one is none”. Redundancy and charity. This is a classic example of choices people make impacting their future. That person chose instant gratification coupled with delayed trauma. I chose the obverse.

Getting a little low on pellets, so a trip to the store is in order. Recently stocked up on D size batteries, more bottled water and telephone directories. Directories have multiple uses during emergencies. They can be be used in starting a fire, as a target, target backstop, outdoor toilet paper, and oh, yes, to find a listed telephone number. They’re also free.

Bought a thin layer of dense foam from a furniture factory. The factory slices off the top, due to the slightly irregular shape. It’s sold relatively cheap; about $30- $40. It’s large enough to throw on the floor for an unexpected six-foot-plus guest to sleep comfortably.


  1. ...hey Trini,appreciate the visit and comments,always good to have a new face in the crowd...yer welcome at my place anytime...

    ...good score on the firstaid kits,and those D-cell battries we can never have enuff of...i do the duct taped phone book as targets also,yer the first i've heard comment as such too...can't beat free...lol

    ...ya got a good lookin' blog going here,i don't know how i missed the link from Bullseye,but i look forward to reading yer posts from here on out...
    ...keep fightin' the good fight brother,i'll see ya in the blogosphere...

  2. Ken
    Thanks for your kind comments. From your posts, it's quite clear that you're a patriot. Now I've added you to my list of regular 'must reads'. You're in good company, with the likes of SurvivalBlog, Staying Alive, Bullseye, Patriots Cave and a few others.

    I'm also tempted to use your ellipses (...) but I'm not sure if it's your intellectual property and therefore hold the patent. I won't want to be sued for copyright infringement. LOL.

    Keep posting.



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