29 September, 2008

Gas price increases and pellets

Filled up at the pump the day after Budget reading and immediately felt the new gas price at the pump. Ouch. Must consult mechanic to determine whether a switch from ‘premium’ to ‘super’ would have any adverse effects on the car. The gas station owner recommended the switch along with a bi-monthly dose of fuel injector cleaner.

Bought some pellets today. The much-touted, extra heavy Diabolo Baracuda. A couple tins to start the hunting season. The dealers prices range from $108 to $300 per tin. Having a few thousand pellets feels good. Especially since the prices of most consumables keep increasing almost monthly. Perhaps the local iron and steel industry can look at producing pellets for local and regional markets.
Happy Republic Day to all. I’ll celebrate by taking my family shooting this morning. After a hearty breakfast, a couple hundred pellets downrange can work wonders for the soul.

- Trini Funshooter

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