14 September, 2008

Backyard shooting fun

Today, Kev, Dave and I had some fun backyard shooting. Dave brought paper targets and we shot to our hearts content. Finally shot some of the much touted ‘Baracuda’ pellets. It’s fairly heavy (10.5 gr) and suitable for our powerful rifles (the ads hype quote 1250 fps). Liked them enough to immediately buy a tin of 500 and stashed them away in my preps. Dave was kind enough to sell me from his stash. The paper targets were used to zero the rifles.

Dave shot 2 birds, 1 zandolee, 1 Julie mango (at the stem) 2 coins, 2 plastic bottle covers and a number of baby oranges. One of those birds was a pigeon shot from about +100 metres away. I admire both his speed and accuracy. He even skinned and gutted the birds for our education. There’s no doubt that in a grid-down disaster situation, he’ll be able to survive on his own by stocking the larder with game. He’ll also be an asset to any group that can use those skills. Fortunately the man lives merely a few blocks from me. A pharm tech in training, he hunts, fishes and yes, shoots air guns.

Between the 3 of us we shot about 100-120 pellets.

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