11 September, 2008

Backyard air gun shooting

Went to our friends home yesterday evening and had some shooting fun. We didn’t bring any paper targets so we improvised. Beer bottles, tiles, metal paint cans, clay blocks, old oil plastic bottles. Set them at 44 ft on top of an old drum, with a corrugated metal sheet as backing and concrete wall as backstop. The only non-fun was cleaning up broken beer bottles afterwards.

Both husband and wife carry firearms in their daily life, but only get range practice once a year. Shooting air guns in their own backyard was a welcome fun practice session. After shooting we picked oranges and soursop buds. I had the buds as my nightcap and slept like a baby.

We plan to go to the beach today, and the wives indicated they both want bake and shark. Maybe we can squeeze in some ‘air time’…

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