14 September, 2008

Beach, bake and shark, flooding

The beach was great yesterday. Warm water, with very few people. The recently bought Frisbee provided fun and exercise. The ladies had their bakes and shark, with copious amounts of mango chutney, shadon beni sauce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapple slices, curried mango, garlic sauce, lettuce and shredded cabbage from the famous Richards Bake and Shark.

On our return journey, we attempted to pass through Santa Cruz, but were turned back by rising flood waters on the Santa Cruz Main Road. Through Maraval we encountered a similar challenge just at the WASA water treatment plant opposite Hilsboro. A truck stalled in the water, with drivers of high-clearance vehicles such as SUVs and brand new pickups choosing to wait out the flood. That caused a 25-30 minute delay while flood waters receded.

We arrived home around 3 pm, tired, but happy.

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