04 September, 2008

Hunters Club AGM

The hunters club AGM ran over three hours with around 100 members attending. A new executive was elected. The incumbent president was immediately re-nominated, but declined, citing over 25 years of presidency has left him yearning for the burden of leadership to be lifted. Even temporarily.

Issues addressed during the meeting were:
- dogs stolen from hunters and sold “down the main” (Venezuela)
- hunting during ‘exercise only’ period
- hunting during closed season, by poachers
- the benefits of microchipping dogs
- rumour of new policy of all firearms to be taken to Forensic Science lab to tested, with results entered into a ballistics database
- Honorary Game Wardens haven’t been paid their stipend for months. A bureaucratic anomaly that occurred because Forestry Division was removed from Environment Ministry and placed in Agriculture Ministry, but Environment retained the budgeted funds meant for stipends
- the annual uncertainty of whether hunting season will be opened
- the possibility of forest patrols with hunters, game wardens and police officers।

- Trini Funshooter

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