02 September, 2008

Food Sale at National Flour Mills

Bought some food at National Flour Mills sale last week. They had some really good prices: one dozen (1 litre) juices = $60, 1 dozen (250 ml) juices = $16, six tins sardines = $18, three boxes (340 gm) cereals = $35. The cost is about one third to half of average supermarket prices. My gratitude to National Flour Mills on this initiative, especially so close to the opening of the school year.

I suggest you buy as much as you can afford, putting some away for emergencies, and charity. Yes, give some to that poor, single-parent family in your neighbourhood. If you don’t know that family, then ask at the hairdressers, or the barbers. They’ll know.

- Trini Funshooter

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