09 September, 2008

Preps, pride

Bought some preps last week. Toothbrushes, chess sets, measuring tape, a bale of toilet paper and a Frisbee. Keeping family morale high during an emergency is almost as important as beans, bullets & bandaids. Games are excellent for this reason. The toothbrushes will go in the charity kit. Measuring tape goes in the tool kit, and you can never have too much TP. Especially if it’s less than $75 for 40 rolls.

AirGunsTT congratulates our returning Olympic athletes and wishes them, their families and coaches the very best. Being a blog that’s ostensibly about air guns, we’d like to especially thank our sole Olympic air pistol athlete, Roger Daniel, for representing us on the world stage, and wish him the best in the COPA 2008 in Santo Domingo this week.

- TF

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