29 September, 2008

Land with a view

Rediscovered a hilly new development within a half hour’s drive from home. Perfect for shooting, with natural backstops. Perfect for home for a number of reasons. It’s on a breezy hill, with a view. Only three houses, with a fourth being constructed, and the spacing between houses is far apart enough to make good neighbours. A large water tank is on the hill, and even though it’s not painted in their colours, one can safely assume it belongs to the water authority (WASA).

There’s also a spring or river within a five minute walk, further uphill, according to a resident. That is to be verified. Wife and children love it.

My older son and I happened on the site one day, about three months ago. We were looking for a new, safe, semi-isolated spot to shoot. After shooting that morning, we questioned the owner of the house that was being built, and he told us that all the plots were sold and no one was wiling to re-sell theirs. We assumed he was being honest. Tried on at least four occasions to find our way back, simply to shoot again. No success. Through a process of driving around, turning into strange neighbourhoods, questioning local residents and sheer determination we finally found our ‘El Dorado’.

Yesterday evening it became apparent why we had such a difficult time finding it. The route is circuitous, with a few roads having no signs, and some even looking like dead ends from afar. I now have a map in my head and will never forget again.

A youth who lives in the area showed us two plots of land that were up for sale and seemed surprised that we were informed earlier that no land was available for sale. Investigations are continuing.

- Trini Funshooter

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